How Vaping Works

New to the vaping world and not sure how an electronic cigarette works? Simply put, your average e-cig is essentially made up of three components: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge.

The battery sends an electric charge to the atomizer, which heats up the nicotine solution that is more commonly known as e-liquid. The e-liquid vaporizes and enters into the cartridge, or mouthpiece, where it is inhaled.

Need to brush up on your vaping lingo? Here’s some basic e-cig¬†terms that’ll help…

  • Atomizer – the part of the e-cig that heats the e-liquid, which turns into vapor
  • Battery – one of the more vital parts of the e-cig, it provides power to the atomizer
  • Blanks – cartridges with dry filler material
  • Cartridge – a mouthpiece that is stuffed with filler material that holds the e-liquid
  • Cartomizer – the combination of disposable cartridges and atomizers
  • Clearomizer – a clear version of a cartomizer, you can see how much e-liquid you have left
  • Coil – the wire that creates an electrical circuit which then heats the e-liquid
  • E Juice – more commonly know as e-liquid, it is made of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine and flavoring
  • Ohm – unit of electrical resistance, the higher the number, the higher resistance which means slower heating