10 Most Popular Vape Tricks to Blow Your Friends Away

Quick Tips Before You Get Started

  • Make sure your E-Liquid is full.
  • Ensure your battery is fully charged.
  • Attach your favorite drip tip.
  • Find an empty room with minimal to no wind.
  1. Blowing O’s

Vape Trick: Smoke Rings
Photo Credit: Cig Electric

Blowing O’s (or Cheerios) is probably a vaper’s most common trick but it can be a bit of a challenge. It’s all about shape! Shape your lips into an “O” while keeping your tongue flat and toward the back of your mouth (You might resemble a fish, but that’s okay). Next, push a small amount of vapor out of your throat in a quick, pulsating motion. This motion is almost comparable to a cough.

  1. Dragon

Vape Trick: Dragon
Photo Credit: Best Vape Liquid Reviews

Interested in looking like a fire-breathing dragon? Well, the Dragon, also known as Dragon Breath, is the trick for you! First, start off by trying to get as much vapor in your mouth as you can. Try not to inhale first because if you do, then you will not be able to exhale as much vapor as you want. Then put your lips together but hold the middle part of your lips shut while the edges of your lips are not touching. This will create small spaces for the vapor to exit your mouth. Finally, you will exhale the vapor out of your nostrils and the corners of your mouth at the same time! Just a little tip, use a device that produces a lot of vapor so your trick will look even cooler!

Disclaimer: No actual fire is used in the making of this trick.

  1. Vape Bend

Vape Trick: Vape Bend
Photo Credit: Mig Vapor

Vape bending is basically the same concept as Blowing O’s, however, you are just adding an extra trick at the end of blowing your “O.” After completing the steps necessary to blow your “O,” you want to immediately but gently, put your hand out flat directly behind the “O” and then push it forward or in the direction you want it to go. If you can’t get it the first time, just keep trying. Practice, practice, practice! Have fun bending!

  1. Jellyfish

Vape Trick: Jellyfish
Photo Credit: Pinterest

If you’re looking to score a hot date, The Jellyfish is the perfect trick to get the job done. This trick is essentially combining several other tricks and putting them all into one. It involves Blowing O’s, Vape Bending and just plain vaping. Begin with completing the steps necessary to blow an “O,” then use your bending skills to push the “O” in the direction desired. While you are pushing it, the “O” will also expand. After it has expanded, this is the perfect time to blow or “drop” your vapor inside of the “O.” Voilà! You have your jellyfish!

P.S. And the best thing is, even if you touch its tentacles, it won’t sting you!

  1. French Inhale

Vape Trick: French Inhale
Photo Credit: Rap Genius

Take a long drag from your vaping device and hold it in your mouth. Do not inhale the vapor into your lungs because then the trick will not work as you want it to. You can use your tongue to help trap the vapor in your mouth by putting your tongue to the back of your throat. Next, slowly release the vapor out of your mouth. It will look as if it is just pouring out of your mouth. Then stick out your lower jaw to allow the vapor to rise toward your nose. Use your tongue to help push the vapor out of your mouth (again, do not blow the vapor out of your mouth). Slowly begin inhaling through your nose while simultaneously pushing the vapor out of your mouth. Your lungs should be slowly filling up with air. Do not inhale too fast.

  1. Vape Bubble

Vape Trick: Vape Bubble
Photo Credit: Wellon Vape

Looking to indulge in some nostalgia? Well, then the Vape Bubble trick is for you! Take a blast into the past and blow some bubbles like you did when you were child. The Vape Bubble is the probably one of few vape tricks that requires some preparation. Before starting the trick, you need to gather some essential tools:

  • A plastic bottle (any size you want depending on how big you want your bubbles to be)
  • Scissors
  • Bubble solution or soap and water
  • A bowl (big enough to fit your bottle)
  • And your E-Cig device, of course!

First, take your scissors and cut the off the end of the plastic bottle. Then pour your bubble solution or hand soap and water into the bowl. If you are using hand soap and water, make sure to mix it well. Next, take a long drag of your vaping device, grab your plastic bottle, dip the cut off end into the solution and then slowly exhale into the plastic bottle. The vapor will be captured into the solution to create your bubble! You may want to jiggle the bubble free from the plastic bottle. Don’t forget to pop your bubble and watch the vapor escape!

  1. Tornado

Vape Trick: Tornado
Photo Credit: YouTube

Are you a Looney Tunes fan? You’re in luck! The Tornado is the ideal trick in simulating a Tasmanian Devil tornado. Take a long drag of your vaping device, hold the vapor in your mouth and put your chin up against a flat surface, such as a kitchen counter or table. Next, slowly exhale the vapor onto the flat surface and let it settle. When it is as still as possible, flatten your hand and place it vertically on the edge of the surface. Your thumb should be sticking straight up. Send your hand into the vapor almost like it is cutting through the vapor. Then pull your hand straight up (not too fast or too slow) and the vapor with rise with your hand and create a tornado effect. With a little bit of practice, you’ll have a Tasmanian Devil tornado simulation in no time!

  1. Bull Ring

Vape Trick: Bull Ring
Photo Credit: Pinterest

The Bull Ring vape trick is a cool, little trick for those of you wanting to see how you look with a needle-free piercing through your nose. To begin, follow the steps of Blowing an “O.” Once you have made your “O,” then lean in and inhale the top of the “O” through your nose. This will give the illusion that you have a bull ring piercing.

  1. Ghost Inhale

Vape Trick: Ghost Inhale
Photo Credit: Wellon Vape

The Ghost Inhale is a simple, yet exciting trick. Once you’ve taken a drag from your vaping device, hold the vapor in your mouth for a few seconds. Then slowly exhale the vapor from your mouth while trying to keep it in the form of a ball. Once it has formed into a thick vapor ball, quickly inhale it back in. Then your ghost has disappeared (only, this ghost won’t come back to haunt you).

  1. Bane Inhale

Vape Trick: Bane Inhale
Photo Credit: Grey Haze
Photo Credit: Mass Roots

We saved the best trick for last! If you are a Batman lover then you know exactly who I’m referring to when I talk about “Bane.” He is the legendary villain in The Dark Knight Rises. This trick, when executed properly, resembles that of Bane’s mask. It is a more advanced version of the French Inhale, so if you have experience with the French Inhale, this trick shouldn’t be too complicated for you. Follow the in steps for the French Inhale, but after you have stuck out your lower jaw, connect your bottom teeth with your upper lip or your top row of teeth with your bottom lip (either one works). Then slowly exhale the vapor from your mouth while inhaling through your nose. The vapor will escape through the small spaces between each tooth creating the illusion of Bane’s mask.

Hope you have enjoyed learning these popular vape tricks! Now it’s time to get out there and make your friends jealous. Have fun vaping!


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