Vaping Weddings Are In

It’s true. Vaping wedding photos are “in”. We’ve seen this trend popping up all over the internet.  Couples are complementing their big day with their favorite juice in multiple ways. However you decide to do it, vaping weddings are one way to spice up your event.

Vape Photobooth

One way to implement this into your event is by setting up a vape photobooth. This allows everyone to snap photos of themselves practicing and performing their favorite vape tricks in traditional photo booth props and backdrops. You’ll be sure to keep guests entertained and maybe even spark a little friendly competition.

Vape Bar

Some couples have started doing a vape bar, allowing their guests to try different exotic and unique flavors during the celebration. You can set up a station that allows you to fill your tank with new flavors, and even have a staffed vape bartender to help service equipment and support unexperienced vapors.

Vape Photography

Vapor makes great photography. Since you’ll be enjoying your favorite vapes during your big day, might as well let your photographer take advantage of it. A lot of photographers enjoy smoke photography already, so it’s likely they’ll be on board and have some ideas to capture these moments.

 Check out some of these shots going viral.

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