Broken Aspire Plato or PockeX Glass?

Where to find Aspire Replacement Glass Products

Aspire brand has over 25 innovative, sleek vaping products in a range of sizes and styles.

Finding replacement glass can be a frustrating process. You’ve already had to extract broken glass from your Aspire vaporizer after you dropped it. You’ve may have agonized over how to extract the broken glass, and you’ve probably used a magnifying glass and tweezers to scrape the glass out.

Finding a replacement glass should be the easy part! But sadly, Plato Replacement glass is not available on the Aspire website, and PockeX is available in one color in the company’s online store.

Thankfully, has fully stocked replacement glass for all your Aspire product needs, even for the PockeX and the Plato.

The PockeX is a crowd favorite because it is easy to use, and is available in rose gold, stainless, black, and white. Its feel is a bit more similar to a traditional cigarette, which makes it popular with beginners as well as veteran vapers. It doesn’t produce massive vapor or clouds, and it is an all-in-one unit, so there is no separate atomizer. Coils for the PockeX are also available here.

Find replacement glass for the PockeX here.

The Plato is another extremely popular Aspire product. Similar to the PockeX, the Plato is also an all in one vaporizer, making it extremely versatile. It also works with a variety of coils, so it facilities direct to lung and mouth to lung vaping styles. It and has two ports for filling, with a large juice capacity.

Find replacement glass for the Plato here.