Broken Aspire Plato or PockeX Glass?

Where to find Aspire Replacement Glass Products Aspire brand has over 25 innovative, sleek vaping products in a range of sizes and styles. Finding replacement glass can be a frustrating process. You’ve already had to extract broken glass from your Aspire vaporizer after you dropped it. You’ve may have agonized over how to extract the… Continue

Vape Hut is proud to carry Mumford Juice Co!

We’re proud to now carry Mumford Juice Co! When choosing a juice to vape, we often don’t think about where the money we spend ends up going. This isn’t the case with this line however; Mumford pledges to donate 5% of all earnings to local animal shelters/no-kill shelters across the United States to help save… Continue

Vaping Safely: What Are Mod Batteries

With so much media exposure about mods and e-cigarettes blowing up recently, we at have decided to do our part to inform the public on battery safety. These stories are generally regarding mod batteries, AKA Lithium 18650’s, and so we believe this is an important place to start for anyone interested in vaping on… Continue

Vape Hut to exclusively carry Ugly Box Mods

Vapehut is excited to announce that we will be exclusively carrying Ugly Box Mods made by Wilmington’s very own Mike Cummings. With a unregulated parallel dual 18650 design, the Ugly Box Mod’s performance may only be outweighed by it’s unique and artistic designs. When Mike Cummings made these mod’s, build quality was his first priority…. Continue

Product Spotlight: Halo E-Liquid

Vape Hut has partnered with Halo E-Liquids to provide e-cigarette users with one of the highest quality e-liquid options on the market. Not only do they offer unbelievable flavors for your vaping pleasure, but Halo makes them with the highest quality ingredients on the market. What makes Halo better than competitors? Halo prides itself on… Continue

Rechargeable VS. Disposable E-cigarettes

Whether you’re a new e-cigarette user or an experienced one, choosing the right product for you is important. With the e-cigarette and vaping craze, there are thousands of products on the market to chose from and it can be overwhelming. A great place to start is deciding whether disposable or rechargeable e-cigarettes are best for… Continue

E-Cigarettes vs. Traditional Cigarettes

E-cigarettes and traditional cigarettes are two very different things. We want to change the way people view vaping and e-cigarettes altogether. If you are getting into vaping, chances are you are currently or were previously a smoker of traditional cigarettes. Here are some clear benefits you’ll receive from making the switch to a much healthier… Continue

5 Easy Ways To Make Your E-Cigarette System Work Better

Your e-cigarette experience can be changed for the better by following the 5 easy tips below. These tips may seem simple but are important to keeping your device functioning at the highest level. 1. Properly charge battery When you first buy your e-cig kit, make sure you take the time to fully charge your e-cig… Continue

How Vaping Works

New to the vaping world and not sure how an electronic cigarette works? Simply put, your average e-cig is essentially made up of three components: a battery, an atomizer and a cartridge. The battery sends an electric charge to the atomizer, which heats up the nicotine solution that is more commonly known as e-liquid. The… Continue