Vape Hut to exclusively carry Ugly Box Mods

Vapehut is excited to announce that we will be exclusively carrying Ugly Box Mods made by Wilmington’s very own Mike Cummings. With a unregulated parallel dual 18650 design, the Ugly Box Mod’s performance may only be outweighed by it’s unique and artistic designs.

When Mike Cummings made these mod’s, build quality was his first priority. With a slew of premium parts, the Ugly Box Mod only gets prettier when you find out that Mike offers lifetime service on parts (12mm mitech momentary switch and MOSFET) Check out some specs for the Ugly Box Mod

  • Unregulated parallel 18650
  • 12mm mitech momentary switch
  • 22mm veritube 510 connector
  • IRLB3813PBF MOSFET Protection with 15k resistor
  • 14 guage copper wiring
  • 4.2 volts with fully charged batteries
  • Recommeneded Lowest Safe build – 0.1 ohms
  • 0.1 ohm, 4.2 volts, at 42 amps hits 176.4 Watts

These beautiful, one of a kind devices should be in every serious vaper’s hand. With beautiful exclusive designs that are sure to have people saying, “That’s an Ugly Box Mod!” Look forward to seeing and hearing more about these beautiful boxes as Vaperslam comes near!